Happiness in a Choice

Off and on for the past year, I have written about how we often make the choice of something else less important instead of choosing for our own, or the happiness of the people important to us. I have received a great many comments and emails over the past year because it resonates with lots of people. With another year coming around, I’d like to delve deeper into the idea that being happy is a choice we make.


A Little More Than Just Friends

For Julia, it all started when she finally got on Facebook. She fought it for years, but her kids had been asking her to set up an account. Julia, unlike her kids, was more reserved and didn’t feel like she would have many friends to connect with online. She had lots of real life friends. She didn’t need any “fake friends.”


Thinking About Divorce? Take Six Months to Think Again

I don’t know how many of you reading my blogs have been divorced, or are thinking about it, but I have and it was one of the darkest times of my life. There is, for most people, very little positive feelings or thoughts running through their minds during this time. When you are considering giving up on your relationship, your thoughts naturally focus on whether or not you are going to give up; how to leave if you decide you are done. From thoughts on divorce about how you might afford moving out, to what furniture to take, and how to tell the kids, we grow completely consumed with that very narrow and negative field of thought. That negativity sets up pathways, habits that are hard to break.


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