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Another Year Older, Wiser, and Happier

Last Thursday was my 61st birthday. And because I’m “so old” now, I wanted to take an opportunity to make some observations about the practice of aging and some of the differences between being in your 30s and 60.

You 30-ish folk sometimes think that “you are all that” because for the first time in your life, you actually experience what most people would call aging. I was there too, your 20’s is about is growth. Then as you approach 30, you “mature,” you “find yourself,” you “figure things out,” but you’re still young and you’re not yet feeling any effects of aging. Physically, the human body peaks around the mid-20s, but it isn’t until later that the sense of physical deterioration kicks in. I also think it’s around then that one has gained enough grown up experiences to be able to look back at oneself with some valuable perspectives.


Five Steps to Start Living a Life of Significance

From the second you grasp that you have the power to have a positive impact on the people around you, most people work to do just that. Prior to that flash of insight, we’re usually occupied with everyday life, often forgetting to add meaning to our actions or ask why we feel unsatisfied. Suddenly, however, you wake up one day and the world is different. As if from a dream, you realize that you want people to look back on your life and remember the good things you did; that you lived a life of significance.


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