Love Them, Hate Their Politics…

“I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend.” –Thomas Jefferson I am asked how romance can endure our current political climate.  We all have seen politics take on a life of its own lately. Whether you listen to…


The Power of Images and Becoming Irrelevant

My father, a man raised in an era of plantation homes and a gentility long lost, a man who somehow managed to get smarter the older I grew. He said on more than one occasion, that the measure of a civilized society was how it sets and maintains standards for decent behavior. Where the line of propriety was drawn exactly, was far less important than that a line be drawn in the first place.


The New Social Ritual

The terms “crazy” and “inhuman” fall strangely short when describing  a radical suicide bomber.

One of the most horrifyingly negative occurrences to emerge from the various ongoing conflicts in and around the Middle East is the suicide bomber. What is the explanation for suicide bombing? The initial impulse is to credit suicide bombing to the rank insanity of the bombers themselves, or maybe to something fundamental in the “mentality” of the bombers’ ethnic or religious groups. That’s something that those of us on the outside always see as uniquely backwards and brutal.


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