Positive Thinking

Coaching Around Toxic Perfectionism

In my coaching, I run into people who suffer from what I call “toxic perfectionism.” Over the years and in the various scholarly journals, much has been written about perfectionism, some positive and some negative. Adam Furnham, Ph.D. wrote in his article “The Curse of Perfectionism,” “Is perfectionism a highly…


Your Circumstances Don’t Make You

Born in mid-19th century Britain, this young man was brought into a world that that did not suffer hard times easily. His father’s business failed a few years after he was born, and when his father immigrated to America to remake his fortune, as many others were doing, his dad…


Emotional Intelligence, Improve It In Six Steps


Emotional Intelligence (EI) measures the ability to realize your own emotions, as well as the emotions of others, and to effectively and productively manage them. Easy, we’re all experts, right? We don’t gossip; are always calm; never buy into other’s dramas;  don’t complain, or dwell in the past. If we do, then we could become victims of low EI. Those traits are all classic symptoms of low Emotional Intelligence.

It is possible to improve your Emotional Intelligence by following a series of positive steps. EI, unlike IQ, can evolve over time as one matures and faces new experiences. EI could be considered a coping mechanism, necessary to get through life’s traumas and dramas; however, effective improvement must be taught and practiced. How do you begin this transformation?


Five Steps to Start Living a Life of Significance

From the second you grasp that you have the power to have a positive impact on the people around you, most people work to do just that. Prior to that flash of insight, we’re usually occupied with everyday life, often forgetting to add meaning to our actions or ask why we feel unsatisfied. Suddenly, however, you wake up one day and the world is different. As if from a dream, you realize that you want people to look back on your life and remember the good things you did; that you lived a life of significance.


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