You Alone Define Your Goals and Values

Perspectives on goals, values, and what defines them are as different from person to person, as people are unique unto themselves as a group. That being said, as different as we all are, common threads of experience run through all of our lives. Some of those threads are fact-based, while others are meaning-based. It is at the boundary between those two areas where life gets interesting.


Your Second Self

I am always going on about the dangers of social media, its power to addict and co-opt lives of its adherents and leave them with a lack of depth in relationships that has seldom been seen in the human experience. Although I still think that can be the case, I have begun to see that there is more than one way to look at it. That other way concerns the creation of a second self.


Your Secret Relationship

I was in the Hamptons recently and saw something in particular that I had seen for years, but had never actually noticed. It is how young women on vacation from their lives and jobs in New York City pursue men of wealth and power. I haven’t lived out there for more than 20 years so this time back was an eye-opening experience for me.


Men and Women and Their Roles in Ending a Relationship

An old client came back to me last week and related his story. After a year or so working to win back his relationship partner, after just two months together, again she announced that she still wasn’t happy and was leaving…again…that very day. It is a sad way for ending a relationship.


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