Effective Delegation Leads to Success

I frequently hear from business owners and others in leadership positions about problems relinquishing responsibility or control with regard to their work. They just HATE that feeling of having “no control” and do all manner of things to avoid it; they worry that the business will fail the very moment…


You Alone Define Your Goals and Values

Perspectives on goals, values, and what defines them are as different from person to person, as people are unique unto themselves as a group. That being said, as different as we all are, common threads of experience run through all of our lives. Some of those threads are fact-based, while others are meaning-based. It is at the boundary between those two areas where life gets interesting.


You Imagine Yourself Free From Moral Concerns?

Not so fast….

 If you are 30 or younger you are currently living in a unique historical situation. You are the first generation that has been simultaneously taught two completely contradictory ideas about morality. This contradiction has left many of you uncertain or maybe disoriented in a way that, deprived of guidance that many of us had over the years, leaves you unable to enjoy the depth of a world of which you fail to even be aware.


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