Everyone has been at a very low point in their lives. It is part of being human. Whether it be a failing relationship, job loss, sickness, death of a loved one, or a combination of these, we eventually reach the end of our emotional rope and recognize we can’t get better alone.

Grit and Resilience “It matters not how straight the gate How charged with punishment the scroll I am the master of my fate I am the captain of my soul.” —William Ernest Henley   If you are the kind of person who gets things done, have you ever noticed how many people wonder how you do it?

In my coaching, I run into people who suffer from what I call “toxic perfectionism.” Over the years and in the various scholarly journals, much has been written about perfectionism, some positive and some negative. Adam Furnham, Ph.D. wrote in his article “The Curse of Perfectionism,” “Is perfectionism a highly