Find a Veteran and Thank Him or Her

Find a Veteran and Thank Him or Her, Remember & Honor Those Who Served

Find a Veteran and Thank Him or Her

Most people I know think of Memorial Day as a day to chill, barbecue or just relax on a day off from work. My friends in Virginia called it a Yankee holiday because it was originally a day to remember the 340000  Union Dead in the Civil War. The celebration was first observed in 1868 when it was called Decoration Day.

It has become so much more as the decades passed. I wonder how many people really understand the holiday?

Memorial Day has settled out to be observed on the last Monday of May. These days it’s celebrated to remember ALL of those men and women serving the nation. Many gave up years in service, some gave their very lives.

So on Monday, as you relax, barbecue, or picnic please take a moment to remember the men and women who willingly gave their lives so that you could be free to enjoy the day, the week… your free life. When you see one thank them for the freedom you enjoy and hope that when the time comes there will be others like our brothers, fathers, and grandfathers who will do the same.

On this memorial day, be grateful. Many continue today to offer their very lives for our freedom.

Happy Memorial Day!