How To Be Believed

How to be Believed

How To Be Believed

There are six leadership behaviors that promote the perception of being believable:

  1. Being candid and courageously authentic, particularly when it’s uncomfortable or costly in the short term.
  2. Being transparent. Revealing your real motives, desired outcomes, thoughts, and feelings.
  3. Owning mistakes. Most people will forgive your mistakes. They won’t forgive your perceived indifference to those mistakes or their consequences..
  4. Giving credit to others.
  5. Being clear. Be concise. Be consistent.
  6. Showing a bias to inform others about things that will affect them.

These all lead to the perception that you are truthful, that you will say what you mean, and that you are open to sharing news and information relevant to them.

It is hard to lead if they don’t believe what you say.