Become an Intentional Well-Oiled Organization

Increase your individual and collective leadership effectiveness.

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Here, we implement tools and coaching methods designed to support leadership success, including discovery & diagnosis, organizational communication, the Leadership Circle Profile™ administration, client relationship management, etc. Beginning with the most comprehensive example of a single Leader to Leader™ workshop, we meet clients where they are and help them to become more effective.

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Promise of Leadership Workshop

This workshop, conducted as a half-day or full-day session, frames a collective view of leadership and functions as the kick-off for our Leadership System™. It embeds our Core Leadership Framework™ to guide all development work, delivering Leadership Circle Profile feedback in a group context. It begins the feedback assimilation process and organizes the next steps.

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Leader to Leader

This series consists of cohort-based leadership effectiveness sessions, which can be conducted either as half-day or full-day sessions and can span years of work. These sessions are structured around the Universal Model of Leadership™ framework and include a total of 16 available sessions, offering a comprehensive curriculum covering essential leadership topics. They also provide regular opportunities for peer coaching and accountability. Each session can be conducted in person or virtually.

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Peer Coaching & One to One Coaching

Each engagement is enriched through a combination of peer cohort coaching and personalized one-on-one coaching. The return on investment for leaders is substantial, as the combination of peer cohort coaching and individual leadership coaching generates a compounding effect.