Sacrifice and New Beginnings

Sacrifice and New Beginnings

I have always thought about sacrifice and new beginnings where Easter is concerned. Easter presents us all with the opportunity for new beginnings in a way that the New Year can hardly imagine.

No one ever grew old simply by living a certain number of years. People grow old first in their hearts. They do it by abandoning their ideals. Years may wrinkle your skin, but giving up ideals and enthusiasm wrinkles your soul and ends any possibility of new beginnings.

Sacrifice is like that as well. It is selfless. People around you make sacrifices every day. The good and the great are separated only by their willingness to sacrifice. After all, no decision doesn’t come with some balance or sacrifice.

So, this Easter weekend, as you enjoy your family and friends, consider what new beginning you want for yourself and what sacrifices you are willing to make for those ends. After all, Easter symbolizes hope, renewal, and new life. It is a second chance offered year after year; for over 2,000 years.

Happy Easter!