Saying No

Saying No

It comes as no surprise that we have to be prepared for problems. We can’t ignore them, or they will drive us crazy!

Beyond a shadow of a doubt — no matter who you are, what successes you have enjoyed- problems exist in life. It is an inevitable aspect of leading other people in a world where everything isn’t perfect all the time. There’s always something that needs to be resolved right now.

One of the things that leadership frequently skips over is how to say no. Sometimes a simple “no” will work, but most often, it takes a little more. Here are some suggestions to consider depending on the situation:

  • It sounds like a great idea, yet we aren’t in a position to execute it.
  • I am honored to be asked, but I can’t do it.
  • Unfortunately, this isn’t a good time.
  • I am sorry, but I can’t help right now.
  • Unfortunately, this is something that I can’t do today.
  • Sorry, but I can’t make it.
  • Thanks for thinking of me, but no, thank you, I can’t.
  • I appreciate your thinking of me, but I can’t commit now.
  • I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity, but I must say no.
  • No, thank you.

They are all based on courtesy and humanity while giving an honest “no.” Think how often your life would have been better had you learned to say “no.” It is something that we all need to know.