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Why Introverts Are So Attractive To The Rest Of Us

This is for all of you who wondered if you are introverts.  When you were in school, did you ever wonder if there was something wrong with you? Did you feel as though you were lacking in confidence and social skills? You never really felt comfortable when everyone else seemed to be having a great time. How about conflict? Did the thought of it leave you nearly paralyzed with fear and over-analysis? And how about that feeling you had when you raised your hand? Did you even wonder if you could attract a date? As you grew and defined your own style, you found many of those things became easier.

Once you found the authentic you, being comfortable in your own skin became a way of life. You grew more confident when speaking with new people and you found people began to approach you as never before. You learned to use solitude to manage your energy and focus and life became easier.

If this pretty much describes you, then you’re an introvert, and that makes you so darn attractive.


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