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Effective Leadership and Millennials

“Millennials can be very hardworking,

but it’s easier to tell the story of the ones who are entitled.”

–Kathryn Minshew

My company is a solutions based coaching and training company. We take leadership lessons and present them in ways that can be applied to business and life in general.  We have all heard the complaints… You wonder how to apply the principles of Effective Leadership to Millennials.


After The Shootings In Baton Rouge, Who Will Cut The Grass ?

We, as regular citizens, are not often aware of the depth by which they were impacted. Therefore it is important to keep in mind that Law Enforcement professionals have feelings just like you and me. Yet they, unlike the rest of us, have to transcend their feelings to keep us safe. As a Baton Rouge Life Coach I can attest to just how difficult at thing that can be.

We, as the people that they serve and protect, must understand clearly that the intended reactions – insecurity, distrust and occasionally fear – are the purpose of terrorist acts like that of that Sunday morning months ago. Remember, the purpose was to terrorize both the common citizens and the police that protect them. The gap between the horrific acts of that Sunday morning and the demands of daily life creates a gap: a dissonance. It is that dissonance that, regardless of training, can be difficult to maneuver.


Who Says You Shouldn’t Have Sex Every Day?

Okay, it’s been a rough day, it’s been rough week, Heck it’s been a rough year. Are you stressed out and can’t sleep? It just so happens there’s a number conditions that can be improved by having sex regularly. Here are a dozen reasons why you and your significant other should be having sex as often as you can!


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