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Before You Commit

A lot of clients have asked me when it is a good time for them to find out important things about someone they are thinking of becoming more deeply involved with. It is natural to want to know as early as possible if they should invest the kinds of time and energy that a really good relationship needs. I usually answer with something along the lines of:


A Little More Than Just Friends

For Julia, it all started when she finally got on Facebook. She fought it for years, but her kids had been asking her to set up an account. Julia, unlike her kids, was more reserved and didn’t feel like she would have many friends to connect with online. She had lots of real life friends. She didn’t need any “fake friends.”


If You Want to Be Happy….

Who hasn’t heard, “If you want to be happy never trust anyone!”  If you haven’t heard it you are one of the lucky few. This seemingly beneficial formula for a happy life can be a bit counterproductive, making issues where there doesn’t need to be any. A lack of trust leads to all kinds of issues and few of them are good. One of the most significant of these is the inability to maintain relationships. However, if you trust too much you leave yourself vulnerable, a target for disappointment…or worse.


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