Two Types of Rafts

Two types of Rafts

Two Types of Rafts

In my previous blog, “What got you here may not get you there” I wrote about rafts and how we can carry them long after we need them. Here are the two types of rafts that we all carry:

Inner Ones
Those are the beliefs, assumptions and stories we tell ourselves. For lots of us those thought patterns are so DEEPLY ingrained — embedded, that we fail to even notice them any longer. We just take them for granted as we do the air. But it can also be wildly liberating to identify them and let them go. That is why it is so worth the trouble to press on and figure out what they are.

Outer Ones
These are the behaviors, actions and habits that we have all formed over the years. These are usually a little easier to identify, but frustratingly difficult to change. They are how we often find ourselves living our lives.

Which ones… inner or outer, do you find no longer serving you as they once did? I encourage you to “put down the raft” and as appropriate, make the changes in your leadership that will become clear once you have finally put that raft down.