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Business-coach-business-strategy-leadership-coaching-executive-coaching-becoming-a-better-leader Scale Your Leadership

Business-coach-business-strategy-leadership-coaching-executive-coaching-becoming-a-better-leader Grow Your Business

Business-coach-business-strategy-leadership-coaching-executive-coaching-becoming-a-better-leader Create Cohesive Teams

An ineffective and outdated leadership style could be sabotaging your business.

Do you...

Find yourself overreacting with your staff and feel guilty about it later?

Start almost every sentence with ”The problem is …”?

Have a clear vision but recognize no one’s listening or engaged with it?

Turn down almost every new idea with a reason why it won’t work?

Put priority of your tasks and results over managing your people?

Become a bottleneck by requiring that most decisions be approved by you?

Participate in the blame game rather than on creating collaborative teams?

Spend most days on daily minutia instead of working on what matters most?

It doesn't have to be this way.

It’s just plain wrong to invest so much of your time, energy and money in a company and watch it fall apart.

How Your Company Benefits Over Time

Business-coach-business-strategy-leadership-coaching-executive-coaching-becoming-a-better-leader Improved bottom line results

Business-coach-business-strategy-leadership-coaching-executive-coaching-becoming-a-better-leader Leadership effectively scaled throughout

Business-coach-business-strategy-leadership-coaching-executive-coaching-becoming-a-better-leader Employees operate under a clear vision

Business-coach-business-strategy-leadership-coaching-executive-coaching-becoming-a-better-leader Co-workers understand and support each other’s weaknesses

Business-coach-business-strategy-leadership-coaching-executive-coaching-becoming-a-better-leader Become a developmental organization

What Matters

At Frank Hopkins Coaching, I know you want to be a visionary leader effectively moving your company, people and results in directions of elevated success at a pace keeping up with the fast-changing world. 

In order to do that, you need to create and communicate a clear vision and establish a highly functional operating environment that supports a coherent and actionable pathway toward the achievement of your vision. 

You maybe unaware of the direct impact on your company’s operating environment. Without knowing it you could be undermining the performance of your team and ultimately sabotaging your own companies success.

Until you make the decision to look at your own leadership effectiveness, you will continue to feel frustrated and short-tempered, blaming the failings of the deliverables and ultimately the company on team incompetency or outside circumstances.  

You’ve invested too much of your time, energy and money in your company to watch it fall apart without knowing why or what to do.    

Your company's success starts with you.

Are we the right fit for each other?

Established Executive Team

Sees the Need for Development and Growth

No More Time to Give

Becoming Increasingly Less Relevant


How We Work Together

3 Steps to Make Your Leadership More Effective


Contact Me to Schedule an Appointment

Reach out and we’ll set up a time to discuss your current situation and your desired results. Your commitment to your company and our partnership is essential for success.

Create Your Personalized Leadership Effectiveness Roadmap

We’ll assess your current leadership style and operating environment and identify the strengths and gaps essential for taking your vision forward. We’ll create a development plan that you’re eager to implement.

Implement Plan & Grow in Confidence & Results

With your plan underway, you’ll effectively lead with more clarity, courage, and focus and your team will have the operating environment it needs to excel. Your leadership builds the competitive edge of your company.

I have taken my decades of experience as a Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Certified Leadership Coach, and Leadership Circle and System Practitioner to help you build a leadership legacy that gives your people continued growth and success, and your company its competitive edge.

The New Standard for Leadership Development

The Leadership Circle Profile is a prescriptive and descriptive assessment I use with my clients so we have common ground to work on. By defining your reactive and creative tendencies, it allows you to decide the leadership areas you want to improve. With this plan established, we can make data-based decisions to move toward our leadership development goals. 

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Our Leadership Effectiveness Roadmap


Here’s what some of our clients have to say:

Working with Frank has led to both individual and company growth. He has been able to make our overall vision clearer while repeatedly showing his dedication to helping us improve. Frank has a gift, and it comes across every time we talk. Our team looks forward to our continued work together!

Jamey Hopper


I began working with Frank when my business was in a chaotic free fall. Frank simplified business and worked with me to narrow down exactly how I needed to proceed and what I needed to focus on. Many people are stuck in their own mind and through Frank’s conversations and actions, I was able to focus on exactly what I needed to do to be successful. After working with Frank for many years now, I can honestly say that myself and my company would not be where it is today without the coaching and development working with Frank. As I start each day, I know exactly where I am and where I need to improve. We all want to grow, but few make the commitment to actually invest in themselves and their company. Working with Frank has been a game changer and will continue to be as we move forward.

John C. Williams

CEO & Strategist

I used Frank Hopkin’s Coaching. It was very helpful to have a wise objective third party to guide and give feedback about some major transitions I was going through. He was very discrete and conversational. Most importantly the goal-oriented nature of his coaching provided clarity. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for accountability and affordable direction. Very practical not woo-woo. I would seek his coaching services again if I go through further transitions.

Amanda R.

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