Getting Past the Objections

I was working with a young sales rep the other day when he asked me what was the real secret to gaining control of the conversation when faced with objections from a prospect. I told him that it is planning for them in advance. This is just the opposite of how most reps approach prospecting calls. Instead of planning in advance, they wing it on every call and treat each objection as if it were a unique comment.


You Are Better Than You Think You Are

Accept Yourself, Flaws and All and Carry On

How many new clients do I see a week? Well, honestly it depends on the week. Sometimes only one, and other weeks I can meet three or four. The thing that many of them have in common is their experiences with therapy (as compared to coaching) and the feeling after therapy that there is something “wrong” with them. After all, a therapist doesn’t generally get paid by insurance without a diagnosis…right?


Getting Referrals Is Easier Than You Expect

When I teach people how to ask for referrals, this is the push back I usually get:

“I don’t want to make my client feel uncomfortable by putting them on the spot.”

“I don’t want to look needy or unsuccessful.”

These are two of the million reasons why people aren’t confident asking for referrals and introductions. Look, I get it! I totally understand. I was there. I am still there everyday. I, too, need and ask for referrals.


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