Bad Crop… Good Crop

Bad Crop... Good Crop

Bad Crop… Good Crop


I am from a farming background and I grew up in the Cold War, so this one makes me smile when I hear it… and I have heard it from the first time I remember being on a farm.

There is a humorous Communist story (if that is possible) that comes from old Communist Party bosses:


“Good crops come from good farming, 

bad crops come from bad weather”


As in most cases today we give ourselves credit when things go well and blame any number of external factors when they don’t. It shows up as well in many market-based economies. It might make you wonder if there is any continuous learning or achievement in many of these fantasy bubble folk that occupy much of the world.  Take for instance the (to be unnamed) executive at bailout rich Citigroup, who actually wrote:


“No offense to middle America, but if someone when to Columbia or Wharton [even if] their company is a fumbling, mismanaged ban, why should they all of a sudden be paid the same as the guy down the block who delivers restaurant supplies for Sysco out of a huge, shiny truck.?”


Really? That wasn’t said tongue in cheek either. 


That is some stumbling block to success.