By Example

By Example

By Example

There is a quote that almost every special operations person knows:

“Calm is contagious.”

The quote is passed down from man to man in the teams. Even in the fog of war, in the middle of chaos and death, “calm is contagious.”

This kind of calm is essential for the man or woman in charge. When people begin to be scared and start to lose their perspective (or wits), or the group’s not clear on the next step, it is the responsibility of the leader to do one thing before anything else: instill calm.

Not by force but by example.

That is where you aim, regardless of your industry, to be a casual, relaxed leader in all situations who has the presence of mind to tell everyone else to take a breath and not worry. They will know that you have it under control. Don’t be the agitator, the fearful leader, or the irrational one. Be calm in the storm.

Calm is contagious.