Leader Rounding

Leader Rounding

This is a term created by the Leadership Circle folks and it refers to checking in with your people. The idea is that just as doctors in the hospital go on rounds to check in on their patients, leaders need to go on rounds to check in with employees. They check in with them regarding the health of the system. 

The voice of the system can be heard by actively getting out and performing “go-and-sees” … checking in with your people in a way that is deeper than just “how you doing?”  It is the practical application of “management by walking around.” Here are six important questions you can ask on your leadership rounds:

  • What’s working well this week?
  • Where are you making good progress? What are you proud of or feeling good about?
  • Anyone I should be sure to recognize this week (for their hard work, living our values, progress, etc.) ?
  • What systems could be working better?
  • Do you have what you need to be performing at the high level needed that will get us to [whatever your goal is]
  • Anything that I need to know that I probably don’t?


Most of us have asked one or two of these questions… but how many of us have asked them all ?