Lead Without Anxiety

Lead Without Anxiety

Lead Without Anxiety

Ok, so today is Wednesday, and you feel anxious about the rest of the week ahead. Did you know that Wednesday is the worst day of the week for a lot of people in America?

It is anxiety that is making the day terrible to contemplate.

Don’t accept anxiety as the reigning authority as you begin your week. Know that anxiety will create artificial tension in your world. It will pull or push you in a million directions with worry, fear, and stress. It will cause uneasiness and prevent you from experiencing a life of goodness and plenty.

It will crush your leadership skills from within.

Instead, remember that you finished last week and all other weeks alive. Know that you lead with purpose. Saturate yourself with thoughts of the good you can do leading yourself and your team. Thinking of those things relieves some of the worries weighing you down.

When you are living your purpose, you might not be safe, but you have the opportunity to experience the kind of peace and freedom only felt by those who live in the same manner you have chosen. Have faith in yourself and turn your hope into the type of action that leaves you feeling satisfied at the end of the day. Only the victory of purpose over anxiety gives you that.

So make a choice today. Choose to stand in agreement the rest of this week with your purpose. Stand in agreement with being the best leader that you can be. That agreement will allow you to pursue your goals with less anxiety, and in the end, you will experience the sense of peace and freedom that comes from a week well managed and, in turn, a life well-lived.

You deserve it.