Overdue Revolution

Overdue Revolution

Overdue Revolution

The idea of empowerment is associated with the notion that we can take control over our lives and create something great. Unfortunately, only some people think about creating work or taking responsibility for their success in life. People often associate this thinking with introspection and self-reflection rather than action. It’s a reinforcement of an idea society has taught us since childhood: 

“If everyone were quiet, then there might be room enough.” 

Unofficial statistics reveal that only 2% of us would remain in our current jobs if we won the lottery. That suggests that the odds are slim for any significant shifts in pride, innovation, or commitment when 98% of us wait for the next opportunity to leave. 

At times it is hard to imagine a world where, by contrast, 98% of us WOULD stay in our jobs if we won that same lottery. In reality, it seems like such an easy task; but on the other hand, you hear things like, “why do these things if nobody will ever know better?!”

The hardest part about being a leader is that there’s no safety net. You’re on your own, and if things go wrong, people will always blame you for their problems instead of looking in the mirror. Most people wouldn’t like what they see as a result, so they remain quiet! 

It doesn’t have to be so scary—empowering yourself starts with taking responsibility for everything in your world. It means making tough decisions quickly and owning the outcome. Although life may not give us much control at first, we can still move towards creating more balance by moving away from blaming external factors (our boss) or other individuals or groups who might hold some power over us.

In the end, empowerment can become a revolution. It starts with how we live our lives and then changes everything for good, including what it means to be an employee or leader in today’s society. 

Some revolutions are long overdue.