Sharing Your Wisdom

Frank Hopkins Leadership Coach

Sharing Your Wisdom

Commenting one day in his notebook about the topic of immortality, Ralph Waldo Emmerson opined that people often dance around complex issues by using quotes. “I hate quotations,” he wrote, “tell me what you know.”

You might notice that I rarely use quotes any longer and have moved away from the “Quote of The Day” series. It is always easier to quote the wisdom of others, especially if you are using towering figures as sources.

I get it that it’s harder to branch out on your own and express your own thoughts. But think about this; how do you think those wise and hard-learned quotes from those great people came about in the first place?

Your own life experiences are valuable. You have gathered around you wisdom of your own. Believe it. Stake your claim to both your successes and failures.

You have learned from them. Put it down in writing as well as how you live your life.

We all need more examples.