How To Avoid Leadership Burnout

How to Avoid Leadership Burnout

How To Avoid Leadership Burnout

As leaders, we all worry about burnout in those we serve; burnout in our people. How often do we give any thought to our burnout? Keep in mind if you burn out, the whole team suffers. There is rarely anyone to replace you. Here are some things to consider to keep yourself from burning out:

Set Boundaries

  1. Reflect on what you can handle in your position physically and mentally.
  2. Take a minute daily, write down your commitments and see if they align with your boundaries. Adjust if necessary.
  3. Consider the last time you burned out and what caused it. 

Start Planning

  1. Good time management lets you accomplish more in a short time. Planning better leads to working better.
  2. Decide when you will work, plan and do admin tasks.
  3. Schedule in time to relax.

Manage Your Stress

  1. Make a list of activities that help you relax mentally and physically.
  2. Incorporate at least one of those activities into your daily schedule.
  3. Don’t cheat; keep your appointment with yourself.

Stay Healthy

  1. Staying healthy, physically and mentally, is crucial to avoiding burnout.
  2. Give your body all the water, nutrition, and exercise it needs.
  3. Get the sleep you need. Most of us need 6-8 hours a night.

Treat Yourself

  1. Have something enjoyable or relaxing to anticipate at the end of your day. 
  2. Be sure to enjoy your downtime. That is when you heal. It will help keep you motivated.

Yes, these are all part of good leadership as much as the other things I write about. Take care of yourself with the same energy you care for your staff.

You are their role model.